Croupy Cough or the Croup

We frequently receive calls stating a child has a "croupy" cough. What exactly does this mean? The symptom of cough is frequent during the cool months. Some with cough can be readily managed at home while others require evaluation and at times medication.  Unfortunately, many confuse a congested rather benign "croupy" cough with the more severe "bark-like" cough often heard with croup. The latter would be a sound similar to the one heard by seals at the zoo. If I hear this in the background while talking to a parent in the phone my ears will usually perk up as this potentially more concerning than the wet cough.

  1. The accurate description of a cough can be very helpful in determining the best treatment for your child.
  2. Use adjectives and metaphor to tell the story. Some descriptors to use might include wet, loose, congested, musical, whistling, deep, bark-Like. Is your child working hard to breath or running around chasing the dog?
  3. Never hesitate to call if you believe your child is working hard to breathe. We want to help you determine the best course of action.