Wearing Helmets

Let’s talk about something we preach daily. Helmets!

In short wear one.

We have always been huge advocates of helmet use when our patients are on “anything with wheels.” Our well child visits include questioning our patients if they are wearing their helmets. No longer are they uncomfortable. No longer are they huge and dorky looking. No longer are they expensive. Barriers to helmet use are minimal.

In short wear one.

In a recent visit a long-time patient of mine came in after a recent skateboard accident. He had left his house to visit a friend and jumped on his long board for a quick commute. Fortunately, he also had his helmet. He was found lying in the street uncertain of what had happened.  He had abrasions on his hand, arms and …

I feel strongly had he not have been wearing his helmet the outcome would have been potentially much more severe. Abrasions heal. Fractures heal. It’s a good bit hard for a brain injury to heal.